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Standart At the door

At the doorMary and Bob had been open about their fantasies from the beginning of their relationship. After four years of marriage they decided to act on one of them.Mary had a fantasy where she would suck another guy's dick while Bob fucked her from behind. they had role played with her sucking a dildo while he fucked her and she had even fucked herself with a dildo while sucking him off, but it just wasn't the same.The fulfillment of her fantasy would come true on a weekend getaway to the beach. Bob had rented a place on the beach. The plan was that Mary would stand naked on the deck. When she caught someone's attention then she would slip into the house and stop the gentleman at the door. She would suck his dick in the door way as Bob fucked her from inside.They waited until it was getting dark before she stepped out on the deck.Mary stood just outside the door at first. She was 28 years old and described herself as nerdy cute. She was around 5'4" and about 140 pounds. Her she wore a 34B bra and her nipples always seemed to stay hard. Her hips were wide, but firm, which was one of the reasons Bob like şişli escort bayan to fuck her from behind. She hid from a couple of older guys who walked by before spotting a good prospect. He looked to be a little older than her and was fairly fit. As he approached their property she stepped to the edge of the deck, placing her hands on the rail as she leaned over and pretended to take in the view. She definitely caught his attention. She waved rather lazily at him as he walked past and blew him a kiss before he got past her.He stopped and looked around before approaching the deck.She giggled and motioned him up to the deck before going into the house.They saw him walk up to the door and reach for it before she waved her finger at him to stop. She began to touch herself and motioned for him to do the same. Bob was standing just out of sight so as not to scare him off. He walked over and lowered the bamboo shades on the deck before walking back to the door. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was about 7 inches long and comparable to her husband. He began to stroke his cock as şişli escort she squeezed her tits and rubbed her pussy. She slipped two fingers into her pussy before cracking the door open and reaching through with her wet fingers. The stranger sniffed them before letting her place them in his mouth. He sucked on them as she worked them in and out of his mouth. She eased the door open a little more and bent over. She stuck her head through the door and he quickly moved closer. She took hold of his cock with her hand and slowly stroked it with the head in her mouth. He moaned as she slowly worked her way down the length of his shaft until she was taking every inch of his manhood with each stroke. As she sucked his dick her husband eased his way in behind her. He grabbed hold of her hips and eased his dick into her pussy. The stranger noticed her husband, but was too caught up in the blowjob he was receiving to run.She massaged his balls as her husband fucked her with a steady rhythm from behind. The feeling of having a dick pierce her from both ends was amazing! Her pace on the stranger's dick increased mecidiyeköy escort as her pleasure began to build. Her husband was fucking her hard and she figured he was enjoying the fulfillment of this fantasy as much as she was. The guy reached up and grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her face. It only took a few quick strokes to bring him to an orgasm. The warm salty taste of sperm filled her mouth as he unloaded inside her mouth. She grabbed hold of his shaft and held him still so she would spill a drop of his seed.A few seconds later she heard her husband grunt as he unloaded in her pussy. He cum as hard as he had in years. She could feel his fluid leaking out of her pussy around his dick. She stood there bent over with cum covered dicks in both ends wanting nothing more than to cum herself.Her husband quickly took care of that as he reached around and began to rub her clit. It only took a second for waves of pleasure to take over her body. She grabbed hold of the door and both men held her up as she convulsed her way through one of the best orgasms she had ever had.the three of them stood there catching their breath for a moment before the awkward silence just became awkward. Mary licked the stranger's dick and balls clean and smiled as she slid the door closed. He mouthed a thank you before pulling up his pants and walking away.
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